Welcome to Sfragidadiko.gr

Our company is aimed at the consumer who wants to make his own stamp with his own separate font or his own separate mark.


Our experience
at your service

The specialization in the construction of seals in our laboratory, with state-of-the-art machinery and a large collection that we have created, enables us to supply you directly at your location, with over 500 different types of Stamps.

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Our priority
is customer satisfaction

We aim to provide better services to our customers. We have built a preview mechanism, so that our clients have complete control over the visual part of the Stamp. So when you write the line details, you can see the preview of your Stamp in real time. The production capacity reaches 45 stamps per hour. Usually the orders made until 14:00 daily, are delivered in Greece with the Courier the next working day.


Our activities
over time

Our ability goes back to 2000 with a successful route up to now, particularly in equipping businesses and individuals with the stationary stuff from its retail shop (2000), its wholesale company (2008), and sfragidadiko (2010). Our aim is always the best service of our customers.


Immediate and consistent
shipping of products

Usually the orders made until 14:00 every day, are delivered in Greece by the Courier, the next working day.


Wide variety in
office supplies and other consumables

Along with the manufacture of stamps, we can also supply you with Accounting Supplies, Stationery and Printing Materials from your well-known selected brands, at very affordable prices.